Do More to Do More

Wishing… hoping… dreaming… are necessary. But on their own, they can’t make things happen for you.

You must add two critical ingredients: “Can” Mindset and Action.

Each of us has an “I can” voice and an “I can’t” voice in our head. The “I can’t” voice desperately wants to keep us safe from harm and embarrassment. But if it shuts down our TRYING, we need to grab a roll of duct tape and shut it up.

YOU MIGHT BE A “NEGAHOLIC” if you find yourself defaulting to “I can’t.”

I can’t learn it … I can’t handle it … I can’t do it.

The only truth in these statements is that you’ve strengthened your habit of SEEING yourself as small. Your beliefs dictate what you believe you can do. DECIDE to strengthen your “CAN” mindset and watch what happens!


“I CAN get it done with the right people helping me.”

“I CAN learn it if I break it down into small steps.

“I CAN have great relationships.”

“I CAN ask for that raise!”

“I CAN stop living to make other people happy.”

“I CAN grow my ability to live in integrity with my values.”

“I CAN achieve my dream.”

“I CAN handle any obstacle if I keep a growth mindset.”

You are WAY more powerful than you think you are. Don’t let the fear of failure stall you. Not instantly succeeding can be an important part of your journey.

YOU got this, Superhero! 

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Start YOUR hero journey TODAY.

I’d love to chat with you to see if I can help you get to where you want to go. Half the battle is FIGURING out that destination and making a plan. But, ultimately, it comes down to your taking ACTION.

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