Coaching Q&A

What's All This Superhero Talk?

The TRUTH: YOU are a Superhero! You just have to believe it, and decide to take action, to bring your Heroic Self front and center. How would YOUR life change if you activated your superpowers?

1. Why do you use a Superhero theme, Sheri?

Because it’s so clear to me that we possess unique, God-given superpowers. (Yours might be your tenacity. Or your ability to inspire. Or your wacky sense of humor. Or your curiosity.) I coach my clients to identify their superpowers, and get LIT UP to take courageous action to create lives they LOVE. 

2. What's it like to coach with you?

Hmm… the first word that comes to mind is fun. Yes, we’re going to do some hard work together, but there’s no reason why we can’t laugh at the same time. I think personal growth is GREAT, so I want the gals I coach with to have a GREAT experience as they grow.
As coaching guru Tony Robbins noted, nothing makes us feel more alive than feeling ourselves EXPAND our personal power.
If you and I coach together, I’ll create an interesting, fun, safe space to energize, support, and challenge you. Together we’ll poke and explore, stretching your mind and honing your ability to take control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. You’ll clearly see how fear is trying to hijack you — and thumb your nose at it. It might feel that others hold power over you, but the truth is YOU hold the power. You always have.

3. What's the first step in coaching with you, Sheri?

We get on the phone and hold a 20-minute Clarity Call. This is your opportunity to tell me about yourself, what change you want to invite into your life, and if you’re committed to making the investment of time, energy, and budget NOW. It’s also your opportunity to decide if you like me — and if I like you. Lol. Our relationship will require you to drop your defenses and be willing to be vulnerable. And it will require that you actually be coachable. As we chat, I’ll help you to assess if you’re ready for coaching NOW. You have to be committed to not just changing, but EXPANDING into your Heroic Self. >>> Clarity Call form. 
NOTE: If you feel stalled by emotional wounds, trauma, phobias, or ongoing depression, please partner with a certified, experienced therapist before you seek coaching. The goal with coaching is consistent, forward ACTION. You need to be mentally and emotionally ready to move forward. If you are stuck in past trauma, a therapist can best help you.

4. What is the value of coaching with you, Sheri?

I bring you my practiced ability to listen, discern, and see patterns. As I ask probing questions, and invite you to reflect, you’ll gain powerful insights for where you want to invite change into your life. I am not your mentor or your counselor. I’m not here to tell you what to do. I am here to guide you into “A-ha!” moments that will begin to change how you think, what you believe, and how you SHOW up for yourself.
Coaching is part science, part psychology, and a wondrous dash of the mysterious. Just some of the ways my clients have grown through coaching:
  • One client identified what triggers her people-pleasing, and created a  plan for how she will respond to retain her personal power.
  • Another client realized that her burnout was actually her fear of failing in a new venture. She updated her mindset around failure, to enthusiastically push past her comfort zones. 
  • Another gutsy client gained clarity around why she triggers panic attacks when driving. She owned her habit of catastrophizing, and is working to strengthen her ability to monitor her thoughts and self-regulate her body.
Did I “fix” these clients? No. They weren’t broken. They were just letting their mental “story” stall them. I helped them to reorient their thinking and TAKE ACTION. We grow our confidence in our inner strength by taking action. We PROVE to ourselves that we’re heroic!

5. Do you have a coaching niche, Sheri?

My ideal client, 40-60 years old, is “successful” by society standards. But as she considers this phase of her life – her “second curve” – she feels restless, discontented, and even anxious. If she’s honest, her life feels more “have to” than “want to,” especially where she’s trying to meet others’ expectations, and not get caged by her limiting thoughts and habits. Through one-on-one coaching — or in combination with my online program — I invite her to audit her thoughts and beliefs, decide what she wants/needs, and begin to take action. She gets EXCITED about the personal, creative process of EXPANDING into her Heroic Self, the woman she was meant to become.

6. Are you certified in coaching, Sheri?

I am continually learning, as my thirst for knowledge is one of my superpowers. I have a certification from Virtual Coach, taught by master coaches Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla, and have completed trainings with the Life Coach Training Institute, The Coaching Masters, Boundaries.Me, and Positive Intelligence®

7. Do you coach from a spiritual perspective, Sheri?

As a Christian, I see us as beloved, intentional creations of the Highest Power. Which means we each hold incredible potential and worth. But I honor the spiritual beliefs of my clients, as I respect our right to free will.

8. Can you help me stay motivated and on target, Sheri?

Yes. We’ll use SMART goals, your personal “Why,” and self-audit and accountability tools to keep you focused on forward movement. You need a clear vision of where you want to go, to actually get there.
NOTE: If you want me to serve as your accountability partner, rather than your coach, use this Clarity Call Form to tell me about the support you want and need. Accountability is a powerful tool!

9. Do you have a referral program, Sheri?

As a thank you, I send anyone who sends me a paid client of three months or longer a pony. LOL! Just kidding; shipping ponies is expensive! 
Complimentary coaching session/s are an option if your referral becomes a client of 3+ months.

10. Does your coaching support any causes, Sheri

Yes! A portion of each coaching session goes to financially bless Mercy Ships, which operates two hospital ships providing corrective, life-changing surgeries to the poor in Africa — at no cost to patients. These children and adults, previously shunned by family and community because of cleft lips, bowed legs, disfiguring tumors, and bleeding disorders, gain acceptance and the opportunity to build BIG, flourishing lives. YAY!! #Superheroes