Coaching Q&A

Should We Work Together? Hell, Yeah!

I get that it’s a big decision to be coached, as it will require your commitment of your time, energy, vulnerability, and budget. It will require you to own your junk. It might require you to give up habits, beliefs, and relationships. It will definitely require you to  IGNITE your inner Superhero!
But deep down you’re ready for this growth, right? You’re tired of the ACHE to SHOW UP for yourself and the life you want … right? Gaining what you want starts with your deciding to SHOW UP for yourself. #yougotthis

1. Why do you use a Superhero theme in your coaching, Sheri?

We are all inherent Superheroes, birthed with unique, God-given superpowers. We are individually amazing — even if we don’t yet recognize our potential and power. I coach my clients to ignite their courage and confidence, to BELIEVE they can set a vision and take bold action to create AWESOME lives they love.

Confidently trusting themselves. Taking action for themselves. Accepting and deeply appreciating themselves. Embracing and channeling any fear to fuel their action. It’s what Superheroes do. It’s how Superheroes think. 

No more hiding or coasting on autopilot, or getting stuck in victim role. They attract and create opportunities by now doing life with a Growth Mindset

2. What's it like to coach with you, Sheri?

I can chat up anyone, but my favorite peeps are the gutsy gals who choose to vulnerably show up to discover, ignite, and celebrate their beautiful, authentic selves.

We’ll look at how you talk to yourself. And what you believe to be true or possible for you. We’ll look at your habits, including how you emotionally protect yourself, and where you spend your energy, time, and money. We’ll look at your ability to set healthy boundaries and to hold crucial conversations. What do you want to work on together first?

As we coach together, I’ll create an interesting, fun, safe space to energize, support, and challenge you to flex your superpowers. Together we’ll poke and explore, stretching your mind and honing your ability to take control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. As coaching guru Tony Robbins noted, nothing makes us feel more alive than feeling ourselves becoming the powerful individuals we are meant to be. You want this feeling, right?

3. What's the first step in coaching with you, Sheri?

I can only take on a few new clients this month, and I’m energetically holding those spots for gals willing to be all-in NOW to IGNITE their super powers. 

If that’s you, Superhero, let’s chat! Submit your Discovery Form to let me know your story and your interest for coaching together to create a life you freaking love. Courageously take this first step!

NOTE: If you feel stalled by emotional wounds, trauma, phobias, or ongoing depression, please partner with a certified, experienced therapist before coaching with me. The goal with coaching is consistent, forward ACTION. You need to be mentally and emotionally ready to move forward.

4. What is the value of coaching with you, Sheri?

I have been working on my personal development for more than a decade, absorbing knowledge and wisdom. I’ve worked to rewrite my own negative childhood messaging, and to accept and appreciate what I once considered my flaws. I recognize that I will never be finished with my growth until my last breath, but that’s the whole point of this adventure we call “life.”

I bring you my practiced ability to listen, discern, and see patterns. You’ll feel SEEN and HEARD and SUPPORTED. As I ask probing questions, and invite you to reflect, you’ll gain powerful insights. I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to help you decide what’s useful and empowering, and what changes YOU want to make, to create the awesome life you crave. (Do you have a vision for that life? If not, let’s work together to create yours!)

Coaching is part science, part psychology, and a wondrous dash of the mysterious. Your “A-ha!” moments will teach you what you need to see to make transitions that will lead you into POWERFUL transformation.

Examples: I worked with one client to diminish her habit of people-pleasing, so that she stays mindful about not overcommitting herself. I helped another client to realize that her burnout was actually her fear of failing in a new venture. I helped her to recognize her track record of success, and her kick-butt spirit. Another gutsy client gained clarity around why she often triggered panic attacks when she thought about driving her car on highways. She is proudly driving with more confidence now. Did I “fix” them? No. They each stepped up and took courageous action. Superheroes!

5. Are you certified in coaching, Sheri?

Personal skill and education matter way more than certification, but yes, I have certification from Virtual Coach, taught by master coaches Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla. I also have completed trainings with the Life Coach Training Institute, The Coaching Masters, Boundaries.Me, and Positive Intelligence®. I am working toward my PQ coach certification.

What matters most is that you and I “click,” so that you feel safe and comfortable to bring your issues to the table. If you choose to invite me on your self-discovery and empowerment journey, I’ll serve as your guide, mirror, butt-kicker, and biggest fan. I BELIEVE in the power of YOUR inner Superhero.

6. Do you coach from a spiritual perspective, Sheri?

I believe that God is always at work on our behalf, because He birthed us to develop and flex our superpowers to bring light to this world. If you are a Christian, I am happy to bring a Christian perspective to our sessions. If you’re not, I respect your spiritual beliefs. I want you to feel safe, comfortable, supported, and understood. My perspective of who I am in God’s eyes  empowers me to offer you that love and acceptance. We’re all just doing our best to make sense of ourselves and the world. We rise by helping each other to develop and live out our full potential. XO

7. Can you help me stay motivated and on target, Sheri?

Yes. We’ll use SMART goals, your personal “Why,” and self-audit and accountability tools to keep you focused on forward movement. By setting a clear vision of the life you’re creating, you’ll be able to keep going.

NOTE: If you want me to serve as your Accountability Partner, rather than your coach, use this Discovery Form to tell me about the support you want and need. 

8. Do you have a referral program, Sheri?

Yes! As a thank you, I send anyone who sends me a paid client of three months or longer a pony. Just kidding; shipping ponies is expensive! Lol.

A complimentary coaching session is definitely an option if your referral becomes a client of 3+ months.

9. Do you have a cancel policy, Sheri?

Yes. After every fourth coaching session, we’ll evaluate how we’re working together and if you’re doing the work to make progress on your goals. If we mutually decide to stop coaching, you will receive a refund for any pre-paid, unused sessions. Pre-paid sessions not scheduled by you expire after six months and are not refunded. You may not gift sessions to another person without my first agreeing to coach them.

10. Does your coaching support any causes, Sheri?

Yes! A portion of each coaching session goes to financially bless Mercy Ships, which operates two hospital ships providing corrective, life-changing surgeries to the poor in Africa — at no cost to patients. These children and adults, previously shunned by family and community because of cleft lips, bowed legs, disfiguring tumors, and bleeding disorders, gain acceptance and the opportunity to build BIG, flourishing lives. YAY!! #Superheroes

Let’s IGNITE your Superhero Mindset!

I can only take on a few new clients right now, and I’m holding those spots for gutsy gals gung-ho to hone and flex their superpowers NOW. If that’s you, Girlfriend, send me your Discovery Form so we can chat! #galpower