Future Self Coaching

Do you have a vision of what you want to accomplish with your one-and-only life? Do you have a plan for bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be? If not, let’s chat! #futureself

Future Self

Action Steps During Your Journey

  Identify and replace your patterns of self-sabotage and resistance.
√  Identify and replace limited beliefs and patterns from your childhood.
√  Solidify your habit of offering yourself and others compassion. 
  Masterfully self-regulate your emotions and responses.
√  Build your awareness of potential triggers and danger zones.
√  Build rock-solid trust in yourself and your ability to rise to any challenge.
√  Ensure you operate from self-agency and an internal locus of control.
√  Identify your values and definitions of happiness and success.
√  Up-level your self-identity and cast a vision/plan for your desired future. 
  Bring your whole person — body, spirit, mind — into alignment. 

VIP 1-1 Coaching Packages

When we coach together, whether initially for 3 months or longer, we’ll work from a customized coaching plan, typically meeting in person, online, or by phone, with ongoing support between sessions. Your custom program price will reflect your desired level of support and accountability.

Your Future Self is counting on you! #action

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