Future Self Coaching

Vision + Belief + Action = Future Self

Who do you want to become? What strengths do you want to amplify? What opportunities do you want to attract? What gains do you want in your career, relationships, health, and finances? What legacy do you want to create? What crap are you sick of and ready to jettison TODAY?

Coach With Me Privately

Sheri Bell life coach

Your VIP, 1-1 coaching package will be fully customized to your desired growth and goals. Minimum contract commitment: 3 months, weekly or bi-weekly phone or online (Zoom, etc.) coaching sessions.

Package price set by your session frequency/desired accountability.

 ⇒ Identify and replace your limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 
 ⇒ Understand why you’re sabotaging, resisting, and procrastinating.
 ⇒ Learn your emotional triggers, and self-regulate your responses.
 ⇒ Identify how fear manipulates you, to begin outsmarting it.
 ⇒ Identify your “bad” habits, to remove their influence on you.
 ⇒ Identify your core values, and how you will live in alignment.
 ⇒ Develop your Growth Mindset and internal Locus of Control.
 ⇒ Recognize and embrace your inherent, God-given value.
 ⇒ Grow and flex your courage and resilience muscles.
 ⇒ Build rock-solid trust in your decision-making skills.
 ⇒ Cast a vision and action plan for your desired Future Self.
I can guide you through:
Self-sabotage | Resistance | Fear of failure & success | Limbo | Shame | Self-compassion | Boundaries | Emotional regulation | Vulnerability | Courage | Resilience | Communication | Habits | Future Self vision & action plan

Your Future Self is Counting On You!

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