Sheep or Superhero

Are you STILL hiding YOU?

Is there some part of the REAL you that you mask or hide or mentally beat yourself up over because you’ve internalized the message that this part of yourself makes you defective, unlovable, or unacceptable?

Perhaps you’ve decided you need to live small because someone told you:

“You’re too loud.”
“You’re weird.”
“You’re a disappointment.”
“Why can’t you be (someone else)?”


As a kid, I was often told to shut up because I was always asking annoying, “But, why?” questions. My dad even joked that when God passed out brains, I thought He said trains, and I said, “I’d like a slow one.” #ouch

The sting of his comment stuck. I internalized it as the truth, and felt shame about it. From that day forward, I continually compared myself to others, even going so far as to rank the really dumb kids at school, to feel superior. When they were laughed at, a part of me celebrated that I was obviously higher in the gene pool. How screwed up is that??!

Swallowing the belief that I was stupid sabotaged my self-confidence, made me shy, gave me performance anxiety in school, and turned me into a people-pleaser AND perfectionist. I worked REALLY HARD to be liked and seem competent, so that people wouldn’t mind that I had a few screws missing upstairs. 

Actually, my brain was just fine, which I finally began to realize in my 20s. I just needed to diminish my fear, jettison my shame, and discover my mental strengths — what I call my “superpowers.” I’ll never be Einstein … math just isn’t my “thing,” … but who cares? I LOVE my quirky personality, my think-outside-the-box perspective, and that I DO ask a lot of questions. That particular habit serves me REALLY well as a coach!

Please don’t continue to let fear or shame continue to keep you from liking and celebrating YOUR God-given superpowers, Gal. Identify them, embrace them, strengthen them, and IGNITE them to serve yourself and the world! 

Have YOU been afraid of authentically being YOU, because SHOWING UP feels really scary?

As adults, so many of us continue to hide and live small because of our limiting beliefs. And we continue playing the comparing game — if only to gain a brief break from the negative spewing of our internal Judge. But OUR JUDGE (I’ve nicknamed mine “Deathstar”) IS A LIAR. We are not defective. We are not less than. WE ARE SUPERHEROES!!!

The critical point we miss as kids: Another’s viewpoint is THEIR OPINION, not FACT — and IN WAY the measure of our VALUE. God alone holds that power and HE IS FOR US!

I wish we could simply pluck labels and beliefs off our skin like leeches and throw them in the trash. But we can’t. We have to do the harder work of identifying the root thoughts and beliefs holding us back and sabotaging our lives.

Start YOUR hero journey TODAY.

I’d love to chat with you to see if you’re ready to push past your fear and begin to intentionally create the life you crave. Your best life comes down to your thoughts and actions. YOU ALREADY HOLD THE POWER TO LEVEL UP, GAL. #trustyourself

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