People-pleasing, weak boundaries, inaction. Just some of the ways we self-sabotage and limit our personal potential and power. Want to defeat it? You hold the power. You have 100% decision authority.
 I coach with motivated women READY to move forward with clarity and the habits of self-compassion and courageous action. When YOU’RE READY to explore coaching, give me a shout!
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As we coach together, you'll:

  Identify the thinking/feeling patterns you developed in your childhood that are sabotaging your career, relationships, and dreams today.
  Get comfortable leaning into fear, to appreciate its presence.
  Learn to self-regulate your emotions, to disarm anxiety and worry.
  Develop a growth mindset, to expand your energetic vibration.
  Set strong, self-affirming boundaries that improve your relationships.
√  Build in the restorative habits of daily self-compassion and self-care.
√  Push past resistance with goals, habit-stacking, and accountability.
√  Create and play with Alter Ego/s to solidify your new self-identity.
√  Flourish in your Genius Zone by flexing your unique superpowers.
I can guide you through:
Self-sabotage | Resistance | Fear of failure & success | Change | Shame | Self-compassion & celebration | Boundaries | Emotional regulation | Habit stacking | Future-self planning | Action and accountability

Yawn. Self-sabotage gets boring!

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