About Me

I once got an email from a woman in her fifties. “I feel like a bird in a cage,” she shared. With much empathy I replied, “Open the door. You have the power.” “I can’t,” she typed back. “It’s locked, and someone took the key.”

That's when I started focusing on mindset.

Because her lack of belief in her personal power made me really sad. For her, but also for me. Because I realized that I was holding identical thoughts in some areas of my own life. In my limping marriage, certainly, but also in my agency to design my own life. The “story” in my head repeatedly told me that I was a Nobody. “Who are you to expect more?” my brain asked.

The primary message I got as a kid: I was dumb. Annoying. A disappointment. Those labels became my self-identity. But as I got older, and people outside of my family began to tell me the opposite, my brain was like, Wait, what, you’re a Somebody?”

It can feel like we’re stuck in a cage when we live to others’ judgments and labels. When we allow other people to determine our potential and value. When we choose to BELIEVE our lack. Until we challenge the “story” we’re holding about our past, present, AND future, we’ll stay stuck or keep returning to what feels comfortable, instead of expanding our heroic selves.

It doesn’t matter how old you are when you start to change your thoughts, beliefs, and self-sabotaging emotional loops, ONLY THAT YOU START, if you’re craving a life that feels awesome. Vision + Belief + Action = Cage-Free.

free your mind

I think life is like the movie, The Matrix. It has taken my “waking up” to my own limiting mindset, to realize just how powerful our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are in creating the life we dare to dream.

Choose the red pill or the blue pill. Only one fuels your personal power.

I can guide you through:
Self-sabotage | Resistance | Fear of failure & success | Change | Shame | Self-compassion & celebration | Boundaries | Emotional regulation | Habit stacking | Future-self planning | Action and accountability

Your “story” defines your life. Love it. Live it.

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