About Me

One day I got an email from a unhappily married woman in her fifties. “I feel like a bird in a cage,” she wrote. (Ugh, been there, done that.)  With much empathy I replied, “Open the door. You have the power.” “No,” she replied. “It’s locked, and someone took the key.”

That's When I Started Focusing on Mindset.

Because I understood, only too well, that while others can cause us to feel that we’re stuck in a cage — We STAY THERE because of our limiting thoughts and beliefs. WE lock the door.
We begin to adopt limiting labels and beliefs about ourselves early, starting in our childhoods. We then cement our mental “story” over the years, as we “see” life confirm our skewed perspective.
We FORGET that we are born with specific superpowers. We forget that we are born with greatness. Are you going to creatively tap into yours to discover the joy of sharing your true self with the world?!
Personal story: As a kid, my mother often told me that I was “too loud” and that I “asked too many annoying questions.” Ouch. From her criticism I created the mental “story” that I needed to keep my mouth shut. I also internalized that I needed to constantly monitor that no one else thought I was “too much” in any area. (People pleasing, anyone?)
But I had an “A-ha!” moment when my first personal coach shared that his parents also repeatedly told him that no one was interested in his thoughts. Only he decided that he LIKED his curious mind. So he no longer allowed their opinion of him to matter.
“Sometimes the very strength the world needs from us,” he noted, “is what others try to break in us. It’s almost as if the universe focuses on those areas, so that we strengthen them and come to realize their value.”
Man, he is soooooo right! Like him, I had to decide to see my curiosity, and ability to ask insightful questions and identify patterns, as superpowers. They certainly help me to guide clients through life-changing transformation.

TRUTH: Your Life Will EXPAND to the Level You Give Yourself Permission to EXPAND.

So let’s be done with the limiting thinking, Girlfriend. Let’s throw out the “small” story. Let’s stand up to fear — ‘cuz it’s mostly smoke and mirrors, baby. Let’s DECIDE to love our authentic selves, embrace our superpowers, and take bold action. BUH-BYE, birdcage! We ain’t got time for you!
Share the power!