Can You or Can't You? Your Thoughts Decide.

Change Your Story

What’s something that you’re telling yourself that you can’t do?

Hmmm…. perhaps you actually CAN do it, just by changing your thinking. You hold the power to tell your mind what to believe. It’s simply along for the ride, trying its best to help you live out the “story” you’re choosing to live out.
Your Present Thinking:
“I’ll never make a sale.”
(Your brain: “Okay, Boss! No financial success for you!”)
“I’ll never get asked out.”
(Your brain: “Okay, Boss! Single forever! Wahoooo!”)
“I’ll never get a promotion.”
(Your brain: “Okay, Boss! We get to live with mom forever!”)
“I’ll never be happy.”
(Your brain: “Okay, Boss! Pain and worry and lack for you!”)


1. You can pick a new, empowering thought, and continually think on it until you start to believe in its possibility. Say your new thought out loud. Often. Especially in your car. And in the shower. Then, when you get really brave, start saying it to people. 😉
2. Visualize yourself living out your new, positive thought. Your mind doesn’t know the difference. Once it has pictured you happily doing it, it buys in. “Hmm…and why shouldn’t it be so?”
3. Now take action like your new belief is TRUTH. Your brain will help you to achieve it. “Yawn, like, of course we can.”

New Thoughts, New Future:

“I enjoy making sales. It’s satisfying to be of service to people!”
“I get asked out often, by wonderful people!”
“I’m routinely considered for the promotions I want!”
“I’m happy. I love the life I’ve chosen to create!”

CHOOSE POWER THOUGHTS, WORDS, AND ACTIONS. They largely determine how your life will play out.

Start YOUR hero journey TODAY. Schedule your complimentary discovery session to explore coaching together. Make your best life your reality. Think it. Act it. Live it.

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