Coaching Q&A

Coach to Ignite Your Superpowers!

Gain Confidence

I get that it’s a big decision to be coached, as it will require you to commit your time, energy, and budget. It will require you to take ownership of issues and make changes. You might need to give up some habits, beliefs, or relationships. Hard stuff? Perhaps. But deep down you’re aching to become your most powerful self. Admit it!

1. Why do you use a "Superhero" theme in your coaching, Sheri?

I see my clients as inherent Superheroes, birthed with unique, God-given superpowers. This makes each of us amazing — even if we don’t yet realize it!

I coach my clients to ignite their superpowers, so they believe they can take bold, beautiful action that serves themselves and the world. Able to think for themselves. Express themselves. Stand up for themselves. Take action for themselves. And others. It’s what Superheroes do. It’s how Superheroes think. 

Despite their fear, my clients are willing to STEP UP to design their one-and-only life. No more living on autopilot, or as a victim. They refuse to be sabotaged or derailed by their wounds, triggers, habits, or people. They adopt a Growth Mindset, to see and activate potential and possibility 24/7. They learn to relish discomfort, because they recognize that it is THROUGH growth that they gain their strength, courage, creativity, and independence. They lean into transition to gain lasting transformation. They are pumped to do the work of daily become better versions of themselves.

“I’ll be ready when…” is not an excuse Superheroes use.

2. What's it like to coach with you, Sheri?

I am an Enneagram Type 5 (Investigative Thinker) with an Advocate Personality (INFJ-A). So intuition, deep thinking, feeling, seeing patterns, and coaching are strong points. As an “extroverted introvert,” I can comfortably chat up anyone, but my favorite peeps are those willing to dive deep to fly high, as they risk vulnerably discovering and sharing their authentic selves. ;-)

I will invite you into an interesting, fun, safe space that will energize, support, and challenge you to flex your superpowers. Together we’ll poke and explore, stretching your mind and developing your ability to self-analyze and take control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. As coaching guru Tony Robbins notes, nothing makes us feel more alive than feeling ourselves grow.

I view us as partners. I’m really interested in listening to you, and guiding you through the process of self-discovery, so that you get really clear about who you are and what you want, so you begin to take actions that prove to yourself that you are powerful. (Yes! Even if you’re an introvert.)

You will identify what we initially focus on, and we’ll follow the path that unfolds. Each session will be an opportunity for you to safely show up as you discover and invite your inner Superhero to come to life. I’ll serve as your mirror, your butt-kicker, and your biggest fan. I already believe in your potential to soar!

We might look at how you talk to yourself — and why — or a belief that’s gridlocked you like cement, to move you past it. We might look at where you spend your time and money … at where your relationships are breaking down because you lack the skills to hold crucial conversations or set healthy boundaries … at where you need to release and forgive old hurts and grudges. We also can lean in and dismantle your fears, so you feel empowered to continue to defeat them.

3. What's the first step in coaching with you, Sheri?

I can only take on a few new clients right now, and I’m holding those spots for peeps gung-ho to flex their superpowers. (On a scale of 1 to 10, you’ll need to be at an 8 or higher for us to coach together.)

If that’s you, Superhero, I look forward to hearing from you! Submit your Discovery Form to tell me what you’re ready to focus on.

NOTE: If you feel stalled by emotional wounds, trauma, phobias, or depression… please first work with a certified, experienced therapist before seeking to coach with me. The goal with coaching is consistent, forward ACTION. You need to be mentally and emotionally ready to move forward.

4. What is the value of coaching with you, Sheri?

I bring you my practiced ability to listen, discern, and see patterns. You’ll feel SEEN and HEARD and SUPPORTED. As I ask probing questions, and invite you to reflect, you will make deep discoveries and gain powerful insights. Life coaches don’t focus on making “good vs. bad” judgments. So I’m not here to tell you where you’re wrong. Or even what to do. I’m here to help you decide what’s useful and empowering for YOU, based on what you’d like to experience and achieve in your one-and-only-life.

Coaching is part science, part psychology, and a wondrous dash of the mysterious. Your “A-ha!” moments will teach you what you need to see to make POWERFUL transitions and transformations in your life.

Examples: One of my clients realized that her burnout was fear of failing in her new venture. So we looked at why she was putting new, tougher expectations on herself, and what she wanted to do about that. Another client finally understood why he often feels small and disrespected, even in his closest relationships. He recognized that negative “stories” in his mind cause him to defensively react to some people and situations. He is now committed to monitoring and analyzing his thoughts before he acts. Another client gained clarity around why she often triggers panic attacks when driving. Learning to talk down her fear has given her a coping tool to expand her driving radius.

I have been actively working on my own personal development for more than a decade. I’ve read hundreds of books, and gained wisdom and knowledge from classes, videos, podcasts, movies, and conversations. In my personal growth journey, I’ve worked to recode negative childhood messaging, and to accept and appreciate what I once considered the “flaws” of being an INFJ-A. I went from not liking myself very much, to realizing that my inner Superhero rocks! 

It’s sad how much time we waste trying to fit into the boxes others create for us. We MUST break out, if we’re to bring our superpowers to life. I invite you to welcome the process, and to CELEBRATE each moment of growth, large and small! You becoming YOU is a gift you give the world.

5. Are you certified in coaching, Sheri?

I think personal skill and education matters way more than certification, but yes, I have a certification from Virtual Coach, taught by master coaches Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla. I also have completed trainings with the Life Coach Training Institute, The Coaching Masters, Transformation Academy, and Boundaries.Me. I only wish God had chosen to give me a photographic memory! ;-)

6. Can you help me stay motivated and on target?

Accountability Works

Yes! We’ll use SMART goals, your personal “Why,” and self-audit and accountability tools to keep you focused on forward movement. With a clear vision, you’ll be able to keep going! Just keep taking steps.

NOTE: If you want me to serve as your Accountability Partner, rather than your coach, please submit this Discovery Form to tell me about the support you need. 

7. Do you have a referral program?

Yes! As a thank you, I send anyone who sends me a paid client of three months or longer a pony. Just kidding; shipping ponies is expensive! Lol. A complimentary coaching session is definitely an option if your referral becomes a client of 3+ months.

8. Do you have a cancel policy, Sheri?

Yes. After every fourth coaching session, we’ll evaluate how we’re working together and if you’re doing the work to make progress on your goals. If we mutually decide to stop coaching, you will receive a refund for any pre-paid, unused sessions. Pre-paid sessions not scheduled by you expire after six months and are not refunded. You may not gift sessions to another person without my first agreeing to coach them.

9. Does your coaching support any causes, Sheri?

Yes! A portion of each coaching session goes to financially bless Mercy Ships, which operates two hospital ships providing corrective, life-changing surgeries to the poor in Africa — at no cost to patients. These children and adults, previously shunned by family and community because of cleft lips, bowed legs, disfiguring tumors, and bleeding disorders, gain acceptance and the opportunity to build BIG, flourishing lives. YAY!! #Superheroes

Let’s IGNITE your Superhero Mindset!

I can only take on a few new clients right now, and I’m holding those spots for peeps gung-ho to hone and flex their superpowers NOW. If that’s you, Superhero, I look forward to hearing from you!