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I get that it’s a big decision to be coached. Coaching will require your commitment of time, mental and emotional energy, and money. It will require you to take ownership and make changes. You might have to give up some habits, or even some relationships. To do this hard work, you want to know that you’ve selected a coach who “gets” you, believes in you, and has the skills to help you move forward. We’ll focus on change that generates transformation!

Some questions you might have:

1. What’s up with your “Superhero” approach to coaching, Sheri?

I see each of us as having an inner Superhero that wants to push past the fears, hurts, and self-imposed limitations we’ve accepted. The Superhero we thought we were as kids, when anything seemed possible.

I coach with my clients to activate and strengthen their Superhero, so they feel empowered to take deliberate, courageous action (even when they’re scared). It’s what Superheroes do. It’s how Superheroes think.

God gave each of us unique talents, abilities, and personality quirks. It’s our job to discover, strengthen, and delight in them to bring joy, beauty, and good to the world. Every single one of us can do this. We just need to adjust our mindset and put in the work of building healthy habits that will compound and produce consistent rewards.

2. Who is your ideal client, Sheri?

My ideal client is the person ready to show up and do the work. The person tired of living small. The person weary of just going through the motions of the daily grind. The person done with being sabotaged by their unhealed wounds and unhealthy habits. The person ready to take control of their “story,” unwilling to allow others to continue to determine their thoughts, actions, or value. The person ready to accept and love his or her full self (warts and all) to grow and succeed. The person desperate to feel joy now, in the journey, rather than delaying it until they finally reach their destination.

My ideal clients laugh at themselves, cry without shame, and keep it real without adding drama. Coaching is about generating positive, healthy results, and continually moving forward. It’s not rocket science, but it does take guts. The results are worth it!

3. What is your coaching style, Sheri?

I love learning what makes my clients special, so that I can help them to see that they really are Superheroes! I love to see them make breakthroughs, and succeed by adding healthy boundaries, systems, and habits. Whatever life tosses at them, they learn to face with confidence, curiosity, and courage! Did David back down from Goliath? Heck, no. He leaned into his belief, and well-practiced superpowers! David knew himself, because he’d put in the work. We all have to build our capabilities, through repeated action.

As we coach, I will expect you to show up, dive in, and do the work. But I also will do my best to invite you into a fun, interesting coaching space so you feel comfortable and energized to grow your superpowers.

4. What can I expect as we coach together, Sheri?

That I will mentally hold a vision of your inner Superhero bursting forth! The hero YOU say you want to be, for yourself and others you want to help and empower.

Together, as partners, we’ll poke and explore, stretching your mind and teaching you to analyze and calm your emotions. As coaching guru Tony Robbins noted, nothing makes us feel more alive than growth. It’s when we are bored and listless, without purpose or passion, that life gets really hard. We need hope, and we need movement. But first we need to believe in and like ourselves because of our inherent value. Superheroes love and accept themselves, because they understand that what they don’t have, they can’t give.

During our coaching sessions, YOU will choose what we initially focus on, and we’ll follow the path that unfolds. Each session will be an opportunity for you to show up as your most authentic self, safe in the knowledge that I’m bringing no judgements or agenda. But I will kindly call you on your bull&$@* and hold you accountable. (YOU came to me for change, right?) But every step of the journey counts!

We might look at where you find yourself continually unraveling, or how you talk to yourself. We might park at a belief that’s holding you back, so we can move you past it. We might look at where you spend your time and money. At where your relationships aren’t working. At where you’re holding onto hurts and grudges, so you can release them. Anywhere you’re stuck, you get to decide what you’re willing to do about it.

You can definitely expect that we will celebrate your “A-ha” moments, your growth, and your wins — big and small. And you can expect to be surprised at the effectiveness — and the emotional highs — of the coaching process!

5. How will our coaching sessions work, Sheri?

Before we decide to coach together, we’ll hold a discovery call together (typically 30-minutes), to talk about why you’re interested in coaching, to help me determine if I can be of service, and to evaluate how our communication styles and personalities click. I want you to feel excited, but also really comfortable with our coaching together.

When we decide to coach together, and you purchase at least a 3-month package, we’ll launch with a 2-hour intensive Zoom or call, to deep dive into your life and the issues you want to work on. Our ongoing coaching sessions, held on Zoom, the phone, or perhaps occasionally in person if you’re local, will last about an hour. Our goal: gaining you one deep, significant “A-ha” insight. You’ll also choose an action step that you’ll commit to completing before our next session. Accountability is key to forward movement.

Note: if you want to dive deep into childhood wounds and trauma, please first work with a therapist before seeking to coach with me. Rather than parking in the past, the focus of coaching is to help you take actions that move you forward. Therapy and coaching are both valuable, they just have different focuses. ;-)

Bonus: Coaching packages of 3+ months include full text and email access to me during your coaching period.

Super Bonus: Additionally, coaching packages of 6+ months include a monthly bonus mindset training. Typically held on Zoom, this training may include others in a group classroom.

Start YOUR hero journey! Schedule your complimentary discovery session TODAY. You have everything to gain!

6. How is coaching different from therapists, mentors, consultants, and teachers?

Great question. Mentors offer guidance based on their personal experience. Consultants develop a plan of action for their clients to follow, based on their business expertise. Therapists help people to explore significant trauma and emotional issues. Teachers share information that their students need to know to pass a test or complete an objective. Each of these roles are typically paid, though any might choose to volunteer their time.

As a life coach, I do provide “teachable moments.” But the true value I bring you is my practiced ability to listen, discern, and see patterns. I’m also great at asking probing questions that will lead you to deep discoveries and insights about yourself. Life coaches don’t focus on making “good vs. bad” judgements. Rather, we focus on what’s “useful vs. not useful” and “empowering vs. limiting.” Coaching is part science, part psychology, and a wondrous dash of the mysterious. The more work you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

Your “A-ha” moments are the gems you will look forward to discovering. One of my clients, for example, realized that her burnout was actually her fear of failing in her new venture. So we dived deep into why she was putting new and tougher expectations on herself, to change her mindset and ramp up her courage. Your life mirrors your thoughts.

Another client began to understand why he often feels small and disrespected, even in his closest relationships. He began to change his thinking, so that he didn’t allow negative “stories” in his mind to cause him to negatively react to certain people and situations. Another client gained a huge victory when she was able to identify the trigger of the panic attacks she has experienced when driving. Learning to accept, rather than fight, her anxiety has helped her to deal with her fears and be able to expand her driving radius.

7. Are you certified in coaching, Sheri?

Yes. I am certified through the intensive Virtual Coach program taught by Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla, a power duo with decades of coaching experience. I also have completed mindset, psychology, and boundaries training with Transformation Academy, Dr. Henry Cloud, and The Coaching Masters. My ongoing self-study includes books, videos, podcasts, and workshops. (Anything new you bring up in our sessions is what I learn about next.) I love learning — which I consider my strongest superpower.

8. What are the perks of your referral program?

As a thank you, I send anyone who sends me a paid client of three months or longer a pony. Just kidding; ponies are expensive! Complimentary coaching is definitely an option. I deeply appreciate quality referrals.

9. Do you have a refund policy, Sheri?

Absolutely. After each coaching session, we will jointly evaluate if we’re working well together and making progress. If we choose to cease coaching, and you have pre-paid for any unused sessions, you will receive a prompt refund. No refunds will be given for sessions already completed. The option of future coaching is always open.

Clients who are 30 minutes late to a session may use the remaining minutes. After 30 minutes, the session is forfeited and is not reimbursed. Clients must pre-pay at least 48 hours before each session. Payment options will be discussed prior to coaching.

Clients may place pre-paid sessions on hold due to life circumstances. The sessions can restart when I have calendar openings. I’m flexible; I’ll do my best to accommodate you. I understand that life and emergencies sometimes happen, even on my end.

10. Does your coaching support any non-profit organizations, Sheri?

Yes. A portion of each coaching session goes to financially support Mercy Ships, which operates two hospital ships providing corrective, life-changing surgeries to the poor in Africa at no cost to patients. These children and adults, previously fully shunned by family and community, gain acceptance and the opportunity to build flourishing lives. Superheroes in the making!

Have an unanswered question? Feel free to email me.

Start YOUR hero journey! Schedule your complimentary discovery session TODAY. You have everything to gain!