Ignite Your Superhero Mindset

Hey, Superhero!

My name is Sheri. I’m in the Superhero business. Wanna ignite YOUR superpowers to build a life you LOVE?

Sheri Bell Superhero mindset coach

Let’s IGNITE and FLEX your superpowers!

As a life/mindset coach, I help my clients to do one thing: Figure out why they don’t freaking LOVE their one-and-only life — and what changes they’re willing to make to get there!

You HOLD the power, Superhero. BELIEVE it.

Even minor shifts, compounded over time, will move you forward. Tell fear and procrastination to take a hike. Know yourself. Value yourself. Choose a Growth Mindset. Learn to self-regulate your thoughts and emotions, and express your needs. Succeed in conflict. Set SMART Goals. Gather your supportive tribe; it’s time for YOU to thrive in Superhero mode!

A bit about me....

The Short Version: 
I like humans and animals (not always in that order, lol), words, acts of kindness, and great food and conversation. In college I held onto a clunker for three days at a car dealership hoping to win it. I didn’t. I even missed my sister’s wedding for it. But I had a hunch they weren’t gonna make it. They didn’t. 

The Longer Version:
My dad was in the Army, so I lived in lots of places as a military brat. I now have to periodically rearrange my photo frames or furniture or life seems too static!

I am an extroverted INFJ-A, Enneagram Type 5. Some of my strengths are coach, deliverer (dependable), philomath (life learner), strategist (big picture thinker), and catalyst (action taker). 

I love the power of “story,” because what we think and believe, we create. Over the past two decades I’ve honed my skills as an author, magazine writer, and blogger. My experience in researching, interviewing, listening, synthesizing information, and seeing patterns are superpowers I bring to mindset/life coaching.  

WHAT ARE YOUR GOD-GIVEN SUPERPOWERS? You need to identify, hone, and flex them to live boldly and create a life you freaking love.

Superheroes Battle


To call yourself a “Superhero” doesn’t mean that you’re invincible, perfect, or arrogant. Or that you don’t sometimes need help. It simply means that you’re wiling to step into the fight — for yourself and others.

What we think — and what we tell ourselves — is critical to how we experience life. Regardless of our history or current circumstances, we CAN re-write our life story starting RIGHT NOW. 

I know what it’s like to feel unloved. I know what it’s like to lose. Big. I know what it’s like to fight anxiety and perfectionism, loneliness and fear, and view myself as “defective.” But I also know what it’s like to take control of my thinking, to appreciate myself, and no longer allow others to dictate my value or actions.

The secret Superheroes eventually figure out: THEY ALWAYS HELD THE POWER — they just didn’t know it! Discover your superpowers. Delight in them. Strengthen them. Believe in them. Share them. Becoming your authentic, powerful self is your gift to yourself and the world!

Being YOU isn't your struggle, friend. It's actually your SUPERPOWER!

Share the power!