Ignite Your Superhero Mindset

Hey, Superhero!

My name is Sheri. I’m in the Superhero business. Wanna ignite YOUR superpowers to build a life you LOVE?

Sheri Bell Superhero mindset coach

Let’s IGNITE and FLEX your superpowers!

As a life/mindset coach, I help my clients to do one thing: Figure out what’s missing in their one-and-only life — and what changes they’re willing to make to create the life they crave. 

You're ALREADY a Superhero. BELIEVE it.

Even minor shifts, compounded over time, will move you forward. Tell fear and procrastination to take a hike. CHOOSE a Growth Mindset. Set SMART Goals. Learn to self-regulate your thoughts and emotions. Gather your supportive tribe. It’s time to get in Superhero mode!

A bit about me....

The Short Version: 
I like humans and animals (not necessarily in that order, lol), words, and acts of kindness. In college I held onto a clunker for three days at a car dealership hoping to win it. I didn’t. I even missed my sister’s wedding for it. But I had a hunch they weren’t gonna make it. They didn’t.

The Longer Version:
Birthed in the Lone Star State, I lived in lots of places as a military brat. I find that I have to at least periodically rearrange my photo frames, or life seems too static!

I love the power of “story.” Over the past two decades I’ve honed my skills as an author, magazine writer, and blogger. My experience in researching, interviewing people, deeply listening, and analyzing information/seeing patterns are my superpowers as a life coach. 

What we think — and what we tell ourselves — is critical to how we experience life. Having floundered with a deep sense of lack for years, I now relish every opportunity to remind peeps they ARE MEANT to be Superheroes. Even if they don’t yet believe it! 

WE HAVE ALL been born with God-given superpowers. We just need to identify, hone, and flex them to live bold, satisfying lives that infuse us with power and purpose.

Superheroes Battle

To call yourself a “Superhero” does not mean that you’re invincible, or perfect, or arrogant. Or that you don’t sometimes need help. It means that you’re wiling to step into the fight — for yourself and others.

Discover your superpowers. Delight in them. Strengthen them. Believe in them. Share them. Don’t miss out!

Irregardless of our history or current circumstances, we CAN re-write our life story. We can discover that lasting change, affirming and meaningful relationships, and living daily with a deep sense of purpose is not only possible, but a given.

I know what it’s like to feel unloved. I know what it’s like to lose big. I know what it’s like to fight anxiety and perfectionism, loneliness and fear, and viewing myself as defective. But I also know what it’s like to take ownership of my thinking and emotions and proactively take positive action so that I learned to trust myself. Heck, even LIKE myself! God did not create us to live in “safe mode,” self-hatred, or as victims. We need to get out of our “stinkin’ thinkin’,” and BELIEVE that we ARE Superheroes.

I believe that obstacles and challenges hone our superpowers. And that aiming for perfection stalls most people.

I believe we have been made by our Creator ON PURPOSE, FOR PURPOSE. We just need to BELIEVE in our inherent power and take ACTION.

I believe that great things happen in us and through us, as we show up and do the hard work of growth.

Superheroes aren't born. They're made.

I'd love to hear about you....

If you’re interested in life coaching, I’d love to chat with you to see if I can help you get to where you want to go. Half the battle is FIGURING out that destination and making a plan. But eventually it all comes down to our taking ACTION. Hoping and wishing won’t get us there.

I can only take on a few new clients right now, and I’m holding those spots for peeps READY to hone and flex their superpowers. If that’s you, submit the Discovery Form below!

Being YOU isn't your struggle, friend. IT'S actually your SUPERPOWER!

Share the power!