Ignite Your Inner Superhero

I guarantee that when we work together, change will happen.

Sheri Bell mindset coach
I’m Sheri, a life and mindset coach. I’m in the Superhero business: I work with courageous, high-achieving women over 30 who want to joyfully stand in their personal power. 

YOU are stronger than you know.

ACTIVATE your superpowers!

Want to feel comfortable in your skin? Want to gain clarity around WHO you want to be, and the VISION of how you want your life to be? Want to thrive in your relationships? Want to trust yourself to make great decisions? Want to silence your anxiety and imposter syndrome? Want to set boundaries that support and protect you? Goals that move you forward?  

See what I can do

As We Work Together:

You’ll identify where your thoughts and beliefs sabotage you — and WHY — so you can change them. Your brain is  NOT the boss of you. YOU hold the power to direct and focus it.

You’ll learn to understand, honor, and self-regulate your feelings and emotions. If you can’t self-regulate your thoughts and emotions, you will always struggle to enjoy your life. YOU hold the power!

You’ll learn what your fears are trying to tell you about your desires and expectations. Once you make fear your friend, you’ll feel empowered to push past resistance. Go, YOU!

You’ll gain confidence to take decisive, self-affirming action. Let’s make this inevitable! GO, SUPERHERO!!

Truth: Your biggest hurdle to enjoying the life you want is YOU. So let’s align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your superpowers so you EXPAND and thrive! 
My promise: If we work together, you WILL learn to stand in the power of your Heroic Self. I GOT YOU! YOU GOT YOU!
I empower and support my clients through:
Self-sabotage | Resistance | Fear of failure | Fear of success | The tension of change | Self-judgment | Self-compassion | Boundaries | Emotional regulation | Habit stacking | Goal-setting and accountability | Celebration
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