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Life Coach Sheri Bell

The human brain generates upwards of 30,000 thoughts each day. And these thoughts are, unfortunately, heavily biased toward scarcity and negativity. Why? Because your brain is actually hardwired to keep you from danger, so you stay alive. But you also live in a world heavily influenced by societal programming. We’re all daily manipulated, by numerous sources, to think and act in certain ways — and we go along with it, mostly without realizing it.  But what many of us do realize, is that life feels unfulfilling and flat. In many ways, we feel “caged” and stuck.

The way out? Choose to tune into your desired priorities and outcomes, inspect and replace the thoughts and beliefs sabotaging them, and create a vision action life plan fueled by an updated self-identity. I can help you get there. Let’s coach.

Our thoughts can "cage" our personal power.

I once received an email from a woman in her fifties. “I feel like a bird in a cage,” she shared. “Open the door,” I suggested. “I can’t,” she replied, “it’s locked and I don’t have the key.” Her thoughts, more than any other factor, were creating the “cage” she couldn’t exit.

Her lack of belief in herself made me sad. For her, but also for me. Because I realized that I was holding identical thoughts in some areas of my own life. In my limping marriage, certainly, but also in my agency to choose my mindset, expand my self-identity, and custom-design my desired future.

“Who are you to expect more?”  taunted my brain. Great question! 

After studying stacks of books, videos, and podcasts, and spending hours in honest inspection of my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, I dove into personal coaching and the truth finally dawned on me:

Our thoughts create our beliefs, which shape our self-identity. So what we choose to believe about our potential and power matters, both personally and professionally.

To gain an empowered self-identity, we have to stop caring so much about what other people think. And stop living to other people’s agendas. We MUST do the deep, inner work of discovering the subconscious “story” we hold about who we are, what we want and deserve, and how life is supposed to work. Some of us, as adults, are still bound by labels and wounds we experienced as children.

You might, for example, still carry the belief that you’re “not enough” in some area. That you’re defective. Dumb. Or unlovable. Some of us are so afraid of further rejection that we’re A+ people-pleasers. We allow ourselves to be “caged” by all that we fear we are/aren’t, instead of discovering our value and purpose.

It’s like the 70-year-old guy who told me, “I could have been someone if my mom had believed in me.” Bless his bleeding heart; he’s wasted his whole life seeing himself a victim. But he could have done the work of healing his wounds, and replacing his limiting beliefs and self-identity, to create an awesome life.

Your daily thoughts and actions compound. Do yours have you “caged” or soaring?

In their personal lives and careers, many people are dogged by Imposter Syndrome. In part because of those wounded bits they’re ignoring or trying so hard to hide. But also because they’re living afraid — instead of empowered. They cringe at the possibility of embarrassment or “failure.” Good thing babies and toddlers don’t realize how much they “fail” daily, or they’d likely give up early! Fear and “failure” are not our foes; they’re the very tools we can harness to our advantage.

There is no easy button for a great life. But you don’t need one, actually. You only need a healthy self-identity, the ability to see the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and an action plan that you diligently work for your next 1 percent gain.

You don’t need anyone to hand you the key; YOU are the key! My role is to help you believe it and take action. Schedule your chat with me. You have only your cage to lose. 

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