I offer ongoing life coaching. You get to choose your initial coaching period — six weeks, three months, or six months. Sessions are weekly or every other week (your choice). Includes mail and voice/text messaging access to me via Voxer.

During each 45-minute phone or Zoom session, we’ll focus on what’s most important to you so you gain clarity, strategy, and support as you take action on empowering yourself and creating a life you freaking love. Go, YOU, Superhero!

What's Your Readiness Level?

You’re not quite ready to be all-in with your energy, time, or budget. That’s okay; we’re all in different seasons in our life journey. GET READY! (You’ll get there faster with coaching support and accountability!)

You’re serious about taking forward movement NOW. You have important things you want to do and be. Fear and excuses no longer get to stall you! 

Pick YOUR Coaching Package:

BLASTOFF: Weekly or twice monthly coaching sessions for 6 weeks. $169 per 45-minute session.

Get unstuck. Goal setting, strategy, and accountability will move you forward!

6 weeks of focused growth. 

COMPOUND: Weekly or twice monthly coaching sessions for 12 weeks. $149 per 45-minute session.

Enjoy continued movement on your goals, dreams, and projects!

12 weeks of focused growth.

SUPERNOVA: Weekly or twice monthly coaching sessions for 24 weeks. $129 per 45-minute session.

Keep leveling up. Transform your life. Think it. Act it. Live it, Superhero!

24 weeks of focused growth.

PRE-PAYMENT PERK: BONUS Intensive Kickoff session (60 mins) 

Read Me: Superhero Agreement

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Superheroes aren't born. They're made.

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