We sure do cause ourselves extra drama by making assumptions.

Have you made an assumption that influenced you to think negative or unkind thoughts about someone? Worse, did you take an action from your assumption that you later had to apologize for?

It can FEEL empowering in the moment to act from the anger or self-righteousness that our assumption fueled in us … but our assumptions typically generate unwanted consequences.

Q: What triggers tend to cause you to make negative assumptions about the intent of others?

Q: Is there an unhealed wound in your soul that triggers you to make this assumption? 

Q: Would you be willing to question your thoughts the next time you get triggered?

Our success in life, including the health of our relationships, is greatly influenced by our thoughts and actions. When we haven’t learned to self-regulate our emotions — and to blindly believe that our thoughts and assumptions are true — they will often lead us into taking wrong actions.

Here’s the shortcut: GET CURIOUS. Wanna know what something’s thinking, or why they’re acting the way they are?

Ask them — in a tone that is both open and curious. This is applicable to both your work life and personal life. Making assumptions is one of the fastest ways to kill cooperation and trust in a relationship.

Sheri A. Bell, Certified Life Coach | Author | Sage
Mindset | Communication | Relationships | Future Self Planning

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  1. This is so true. I screw up every single time I make assumptions about why someone is acting the way they are.

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