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Sheri Bell

Sheri A. Bell, Certified Life Coach | Author | Sage
Mindset | Communication | Relationships | Future Self Planning

I recognize that coaching asks you to get honest and vulnerable, and that requires a coaching atmosphere of support and curiosity. You are welcome to feel all the feels, and think all the thoughts, as we take this growth journey. Look forward to moving forward!

What's your coaching philosophy?

I believe that mindset is the key to freedom. What you focus on expands. As Wayne Dyer noted, “Thought makes it so.” Our thoughts become our beliefs, which create our reality. What has shaped your self-identity? What has shaped your perspective on life? Where are you stuck in striving? What excuses own you? What childhood “messages” you accepted as truth are stealing your confidence and joy? The more you come to know yourself, the more freedom you gain. Happiness and success are inner processes. When your internal world is healthy and compassionate, your personal power can flow.

What's the first step in coaching together?

As coaching guru Tony Robbins noted, nothing makes us feel more alive than experiencing growth and expanding our personal power.

So first we’ll hold a 40-minute (max) complimentary consult, to see if we’re a good fit. You need to jive with the personality and coaching style of your coach! You’ll share where you are, and where you want to be, and what you think is stalling or sabotaging you. You’ll confirm that you’re ready to commit your investment of time, energy, and budget. Be all in!

NOTE: Your mind will try to keep you in your comfort zone, to keep you “safe,” by telling you to delay this journey. So rewiring your mind is your first step to growth and freedom. To quote Nike, “Just do it.” 

What's the value of our coaching together?

Coaching is part science, part psychology, and a wondrous dash of the mysterious. What you put in, you’ll get out. YOU are in control of your growth. I bring you my practiced ability to deeply listen, hold space, reflect, and ask probing questions that guide you in risking change and growth. I’m your mirror, guide, butt-kicker, and cheerleader. You got this!

NOTE: If you feel stuck in emotional wounds, trauma, phobias, or depression, please first partner with a qualified, experienced therapist. 

The goal of coaching is consistent, forward action. Coaching naturally uncovers trauma, but we won’t park there. You can choose to work simultaneously with a therapist and life coach, if you feel mentally and emotionally ready to do so. But we will maintain the confidentiality of each space. 

So you coach privately & with BetterUp?

Yes! Here’s the difference: If you come to me by way of BetterUp, your coaching options are limited to their guidelines. If you coach with me directly, we can custom-design your VIP coaching program so that it fits you perfectly. BetterUp is a fabulous platform, and definitely the more budget option, as working with me directly on your custom package is a larger financial investment. 

You may use this link to gift yourself or others with BettterUp coaching sessions with me. To request me as your BetterUp coach, you will need to first email

What's your coaching niche?

I’m a generalist, as I love the challenge of adapting myself to the perspective and issues of each client. I am comfortable coaching CEOs to retirees to high school students. But I only choose to work with individuals ready to work on themselves. My ideal clients are courageous, curious, growth-minded peeps seeking to expand what they believe is possible for their future to then create it. I have only three requirements: Be open-minded, do the work, and take action. Let’s stir up your subconscious!

Are you certified in coaching?

I have certification with Virtual Coach, a certificate with BetterUp, and completed training with Positive Intelligence®. I am working toward my Professional Certified Coach credential (125 hours education/500 hours coaching) via the International Coaching Federation (ICF). If you’re asking if I’m continually doing the work to become a world-class coach, the answer is definitely, “YOU BET!” ;-D

Do you coach from a spiritual perspective?

I am a coach who happens to be a Christian. I share my values where invited, but I honor the spiritual beliefs and practices of my clients. My basic coaching philosophy is two-fold: “It all begins in your mind” and “Without courageous action (even baby steps!), life remains the same.” Success follows the curious, committed, and courageous. ;-) Let’s play!

Can you help me stay on target?

Yes. We’ll use SMART goals, your personal “Why,” and self-audit and accountability tools to keep you focused on forward movement. You need a clear vision of your Future Self to get there.

NOTE: If you are looking for an  accountability partner, please share the support you want and need by scheduling your complimentary consult with me. Accountability speeds progress!

Do you have a referral program?

As a thank you, I send anyone who sends me a paid client of 3+ months a pony. Kidding! Complimentary coaching sessions are an option, if that interests you.

Do you support any causes?

Yes! A portion of your coaching sessions financially bless Mercy Ships, a non-profit organization that operates two hospital ships providing free, corrective life-changing surgeries to the poor in Africa. These children and adults, previously shunned by family and community because of cleft lips, bowed legs, disfiguring tumors, and bleeding disorders, gain acceptance and the opportunity to build BIG, flourishing lives. YAY!!

I can guide you through:
Self-sabotage | Resistance | Fear of failure & success | Limbo | Shame | Self-compassion | Boundaries | Emotional regulation | Vulnerability | Courage | Resilience | Communication | Habits | Future Self vision & action plan