About Sheri

I once received an email from a woman in her fifties. “I feel like a bird in a cage,” she shared. “Open the door,” I replied. “You have the power.” “No, it’s locked,” she typed back, “and I don’t have the key.”

That's when I started focusing on mindset.

Because her lack of belief in her personal power made me really sad. For her, but also for me. Because I realized that I was holding identical thoughts in some areas of my own life. In my limping marriage, certainly, but also in my agency to design my own life. The “story” in my brain repeatedly told me that I was a Nobody. “Who are you to expect more?” it taunted.

The messages I got as a kid: I was dumb. A disappointment. Unimportant. These labels shaped my self-identity. For decades. Until…

I began to resent the idea that I was a Nobody. I wanted to be a Somebody that I really liked and believed in. But this I now know to be true: We can’t live beyond our self-identity. So I had to courageously pick new thoughts, which then became new, empowering beliefs.

New beliefs > New actions > New outcomes > Desired Future Self

Where do you need “new” in your life? All you want starts with choosing to take a first step. Let’s coach and create your new life vision!

My Coaching Philosophy:

  1. The only obstacle really holding you back is YOU.
  2. We only change when we are willing to change.
  3. Beliefs are just thoughts you’ve decided are true.
  4. You don’t need anyone’s permission to update your beliefs.
  5. We choose the fears we allow to control us. The question is “Why?”
  6. You hold the power to “rewrite” your past and present, and to custom-design your future. Your Future Self can’t succeed without you!
  7. We suffer because of the meaning we give the experience, not the experience itself. We have control over our suffering.
  8. True power: Self-regulating your thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  9. What you do control in life: How you choose to show up.
  10. Plan “through,” not “to.” Life is a journey to savor, not a destination.
Together we can work on your:
Self-sabotage | Resistance | Fear of failure or success | Limbo | Shame | Boundaries | Emotional triggering | Vulnerability | Courage | Resilience | Communication | Habits | Future Self vision & action plan

What you think and believe matters! 

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