Life Snapshot Quiz

How's Life?

Mark the following with Yes / Sometimes / No:

  1. _____I am up-to-date with my health check-ups. 
  2. _____I am able to prioritize my time to get important things done on time. 
  3. _____I say “No” to myself and others to stay healthy. 
  4. _____I trust some people and open up to them.
  5. _____I often say “No” to opportunities if I can’t control the outcome. 
  6. _____I wish I were someone else. (Describe this person.)
  7. _____I feel that others understand me and accept me.
  8. _____I enjoy my job. I look forward to going to work. 
  9. _____I enjoy my home. It makes me feel safe and comfortable.
  10. _____My thoughts about myself are mostly positive.
  11. _____I am satisfied with my current physical fitness. 
  12. _____I eat well nutritionally most of the time.
  13. _____I don’t regularly abuse my body (caffeine, alcohol, drugs, other). 
  14. _____I usually get enough sleep so I feel rested and energetic. 
  15. _____I have a hobby(s) that brings me joy. 
  16. _____My thoughts about other people are mostly positive.
  17. _____I desperately want more happiness in my life.
  18. _____I am currently volunteering or serving others in a rewarding way.
  19. _____I am happy with how I look. 
  20. _____I have thoughts about money that keep me afraid and in lack.
  21. _____I know where I’m headed. I have a plan to get there.
  22. _____I usually feel physically and emotionally capable. 
  23. _____I feel guilty taking time for myself. 
  24. _____I carry shame for stuff I’ve done.
  25. _____ I like and love myself.
  26. _____I quickly release resentments so I’m not upset. 
  27. _____I have dreams I believe possible, if I figure out how to do them.
  28. _____I have people in my life who believe in my potential.
  29. _____Most of the time I feel physically and emotionally capable. 
  30. _____I know my emotional triggers. 
  31. _____I can self-regulate my emotions.
  32. _____I often let fear stop me so I don’t fail at things.
  33. _____I feel lots of gratitude for things in my life. 
  34. _____I feel safe to express my wants and needs to others. 
  35. _____I trust my intuition. I trust myself to make smart decisions. 
  36. _____I know my love language/s, and tell others how to show me love. 
  37. _____I am holding onto pain and regrets that keep me stuck.
  38. _____I care a lot about what people think about me.
  39. _____I can’t forgive myself for not being perfect.
  40. _____I think I am enough, but I want to keep improving. 
  41. _____I view life with a Growth Mindset (open to possibilities).
  42. _____I have good, healthy relationships with others.
  43. _____I feel that others are disappointed in me. 
  44. _____I am able to save money for things I want.
  45. _____I often feel anger, envy, or judgement for others.
  46. _____I have goals to keep moving forward in my life. 
  47. _____I have a spiritual foundation that grounds and empowers me.
  48. _____I say what I mean and can stand up for myself.
  49. _____I make a lot of assumptions about things and people.
  50. _____I need help figuring out how to make my life great.

REFLECT: What do your answers reveal to you? Where do you need and WANT to make changes to create a BOLD LIFE on your terms?