💥 According to Tony Busan, a noted brain expert, we all are using just a tiny fraction of our mental power. We can gain more with mindstorming.

We can, he asserts, improve our brain power to double our income (and keep doing so), and gain traction in other areas of our lives. The requirement: Strong creative muscles, to be able to see and act on opportunity.

We’re all born with high creativity, but it drops as society pressures us to assimilate rather than stand out. By our teens, our creativity muscle has seriously atrophied, as we get the message that our “success” depends on our memorizing info, not our ability to think creatively.

💥 But it is our creative ideas, noted Busan, that are the major way we can create wealth. All wealth, after all, comes from adding value.

So what can we do to reignite and strengthen our creativity muscle?

Brian Tracy, a leading authority on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness, offers this tool: Mindstorming sessions.

Try This Mindstorming Exercise:

1. Grab a blank sheet of paper.

2. Write a goal or problem at the top of the page in the form of a question. Make it super specific. EX: “How can I make $100,000 by December 31?” There is, says Brian, extra power in physically putting pen to paper, rather than using a computer. Try it out and see if you agree.

3. Write down AT LEAST 20 answers, making them personal, positive, and present. You might come up with 5 easy answers. You’ll likely start sweating by your 10th answer. But don’t stop. Keep at the exercise until you get to 20. Here’s why: Your superconscious mind will start percolating on the question, and your golden nugget might arrive at answer 20.

Note: Some peeps find it helpful to do this exercise with background music. Others add a timer, to stay focused. See what works for you.

4. Take at least 1 action on 1 of your answers ASAP. But if you’re not sure how to take action, run through this process again, to drill further into one of your answers. Let’s go with this one: “I carve out 1 extra hour of focused reading time each night.”

5. Now grab a new, blank page and write out this out as a question: “How can I carve out 1 extra hour of focused reading time each night?” Jot down AT LEAST 20 answers. Then take action on at least 1 of your answers ASAP.

Brian Tracy puts the potential of the exercise into perspective in his excellent book Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible:

💥 Do this exercise 5 x/week, and you’ll come up with more than 100 answers/week. Do this for 50 weeks/year, and you’ll generate 5,000 ideas/year!

💥 If you implement 1 idea/day, you gain five new, focused actions/week. If you take 1 action/day for 50 weeks, you’ll generate 250 new, focused ideas/year!

Start crankin’ up your creativity. Expect serendipity and synchronicity to follow.

Sheri A. Bell, Certified Life Coach | Author | Sage
Mindset | Communication | Relationships | Future Self Planning

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