Ready to Coach?

Your Readiness Quiz

How TIRED are you of your current life?

  • I want to make changes NOW. Let’s have a clarity call!
  • I want to make changes … maybe in a few months. 
  • I don’t even know where to start. I’ll get back to you.

How READY are you to make changes in your life?

  • I’m ready to commit 100% to making positive changes NOW.
  • I’m pretty busy, but I think I can find time to make changes. 
  • I worry this could be a waste of my time and money. 

Do you feel that partnering with a coach NOW will benefit you?

  • Yes! I see that coaching will benefit me. Let’s start!
  • Maybe. I’d have some questions about coaching together.
  • I’m not sure I’m ready. I’ll think about it more.

Will you COMMIT to make changes in your life NOW?

  • Yes! When I set my mind on a goal, I can always make progress. 
  • I start out strong, but lose steam when things get hard or I get busy.  
  • Willpower has always been a struggle for me. Ack!

Do you have support for coaching NOW?

  • Yes, my boss, friends, partner, and family encourage my growth.
  • I haven’t told anyone about coaching. I don’t want them to know.
  • My boss, friends, partner, and family don’t support me. They suck.

How much coaching do you think you want/need from me?

  • Weekly/bi-weekly coaching sessions and accountability.
  • Monthly coaching sessions. I’ll hold myself accountable. 
  • Occasional coaching sessions. No accountability.

Can you financially invest in coaching right NOW?

  • Yes! I believe coaching with you will pay off BIG!
  • I think I can swing it. I’d like to discuss payment options with you.
  • Not right now. But I can look at ways to start saving. 
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