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A woman sent me an email once, admitting that she felt like a caged bird.

When I asked her if the cage door was unlocked, she said she didn’t know, because she wasn’t brave enough to push against it.

So she sat there, angry and critical — because it felt normal and comfortable to her.

Funny how we can HATE something so much and yet not do a thing about it…

We all struggle with doubt and fear. But we can waste our one-and-only life if we don’t decide to exit the cages that others’ words and expectations have put us in. We’ll waste our one-and-only life by deciding to not exit the cages we’ve put ourselves in. Life is short. MOVE ON!

My hope for you today: that someone encourages you to take a baby step that will give you a glimpse of your personal power. And that you will choose to use it.

Go, YOU! Ignite your Heroic Self. You are way more powerful than you can imagine.

Start YOUR hero journey TODAY.

I’d love to chat with you to see if you’re ready to push past your fear and begin to intentionally create the life you crave. Your best life comes down to your thoughts and actions. YOU ALREADY HOLD THE POWER TO EXPAND! #trustyourself

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