Assessment boxes

I see a lot of people taking personality assessments, then getting boxed in. 

“Oh,” people might say, after taking the Enneagram or Myers Briggs (etc.), “I AM x.”

They allow the test results to define them. Some even use the results to justify their behavior. “That’s just the way I am!”

Assessments are great — as GUIDES. But we need to be really careful with our “I AM” beliefs, because they hold incredible power.

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A test doesn’t actually have the power to define you. Only YOU hold the power to define your “I AM.” (I think the rebels among us have an easier time with rejecting test findings (even intelligence tests!) that attempt to define them.) “I don’t care what that stupid test says!” Yay! I love these rebels. Lol

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I believe in assessments. I have my clients take assessments. It’s fun to talk about assessments. And to figure out which parts they’re going to embrace/reject, as they slide into the driver’s seat.

One of my favorite things is to hear someone say: “I USED to be X, but that’s not who I am TODAY.” ;-)

P.S. don’t let an assessment you took five years ago still be influencing how you’re showing up today. Get your Superhero on!        

Start YOUR hero journey TODAY.

I’d love to chat with you to see if you’re ready to push past your fear and begin to intentionally create the life you crave. Your best life comes down to your thoughts and actions. YOU ALREADY HOLD THE POWER TO LEVEL UP, GAL. #trustyourself

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  1. I have friends who are so into their Enneagram type that they’re super annoying about it. I agree with you that we can give assessments too much power.

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