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Let's create your flight plan.

Together we can work on your:
Self-sabotage | Resistance | Fear of failure or success | Limbo | Shame | Boundaries | Emotional triggering | Vulnerability | Courage | Resilience | Communication | Habits | Future Self vision & action plan

When you choose me as your life coach, I’ll create a custom, VIP package that will help you to exit the “cage” that you’re allowing to keep you from being who you want to be, and enjoying the life you want to live. We’ll launch with a first session intensive, to get our bearings on where you currently are, and where you yearn to gain freedom. In each session, we’ll then work to bridge the gap. New you, free you, empowered by new beliefs and actions! Let me add that coaching is not therapy. If your “cage” has you so stuck that you’re not ready for forward action, please first work with a qualified therapist. BetterHelp is one option.

New beliefs > New actions > New results > New Future Self
Take action TODAY that will compound for the future you want.

As your life coach, we’re equal partners in your growth journey. I already understand how vulnerable you might feel. So just know that our coaching space is the non-judgmental place you can be honest, raw, and real. In fact, the more quickly you will drop any masks or alter egos, the sooner we’ll be able to create a relationship of trust and go deep. I’ll support you, champion you, challenge you, and help you to optimize your life, step by step, so you gain momentum in your desired areas of “new.” You got this!  

Life coaching is an effective life tool for wherever a person is in their journey. Even individuals already clear on their value and purpose, and already enjoying success on their milestones, benefit from coaching and ongoing accountability. A coaching partner enriches and deepens your learnings!

Choose to upgrade your thinking/feeling patterns. Your curiosity, self-compassion, and courageous action will pay off. BIG! #compounding

Clarity + Vision + Goals + Action = Freedom!

Sheri Bell

Sheri A. Bell, Certified Life Coach | Author | Sage
Mindset | Communication | Relationships | Future Self Planning

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