Fear. It's everywhere. In us. Outside of us.

The world fuels and recycles fear. Our politicians and media use it. Our work environments/family members/health industry use it. Our minds continuously beat us up with fearful, debilitating thoughts.
How does our fear show up?
As Shame. Jealousy. Judging. Competitiveness. Hiding. Blaming.
Victim mindset. Imposter Syndrome. Violence. Hoarding.
Our fear of isolation and loneliness, say experts, is a huge fear driving many of our thoughts and behaviors. Some of us are still reacting from our insecure attachment with our parents: We’ll do almost anything to feel that we belong, that we matter. We’re terrified of rejection.
When was the last time you looked at your life through the lens of abundance, instead of scarcity? With love and compassion, instead of judgment? With hope, instead of hopelessness?
The good news: You can identify what drives/triggers your fear, work on your junk, and set new, affirming, positive thoughts and beliefs to create new, affirming, positive habits. One positive step building to the next.

Sheri A. Bell, Certified Life Coach | Author | Sage
Mindset | Communication | Relationships | Future Self Planning

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