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Where is your waiting for an apology keeping you stuck in anger, frustration, or pain? Just stop it, already. Life is short. MOVE on. How?

> > > Take these FOUR steps:

1. DECIDE to let it go. It helps to realize that if you’re stuck, it’s because you have given away your personal power. Do you really want to *allow* someone else to continue to steal your peace of mind? (Please say NO!)

2. DECIDE to accept that people mess up. EVEN YOU. And that sometimes the people we’re wanting an apology from don’t actually have the capacity to say “Sorry.” Perhaps because their mental “story” tells them that to apologize is “weak.” (In actuality, offering forgiveness and apology is a STRENGTH.)

3. DECIDE to act like they HAVE given you an apology, so you can let that drama go. Visualize them saying “Sorry.” FEEL the anger, hurt, frustration, etc. leave your body. Visualize yourself saying, “Okay. Thanks.”

4. DECIDE that when the critical voices in your head try to bring up the old hurt and tell you to continue being mad at this person, you will remind them that you’ve handled it — so they can just SHUT THE HECK UP. 

Your brain is a beautiful thing. It’s also your worst enemy, if you allow it. (DON’T.)

You got this, Superhero!

Start YOUR hero journey TODAY.

I’d love to chat with you to see if you’re ready to push past your fear and begin to intentionally create the life you crave. Your best life comes down to your thoughts and actions. YOU ALREADY HOLD THE POWER TO EXPAND! #trustyourself

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