Don’t waste your time or energy waiting for an apology. Give it to yourself via these three steps:

1. DECIDE to let the offense go. Do you really want to hand someone the power to keep stealing your peace of mind? (Please say, “HELL, NO!”)

2. DECIDE to accept that people mess up. EVEN YOU. And that sometimes the people we’re wanting an apology from don’t actually have the capacity to say, “I’m sorry.” They might think that apologizing makes them weak. (In actuality, being able to apologize is a STRENGTH.)

3. DECIDE to act like you have received the apology. Then forgive them. Allow your anger, hurt, frustration to physically leave your body. Visualize it floating up into the air and disappearing. Take a deep, refreshing breath. You don’t have to keep this person in your life. But now you’ve freed yourself. That’s the key here: YOUR SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

Sometimes you need to say, "Sorry!" to yourself.

Sheri A. Bell, Certified Life Coach | Author | Sage
Mindset | Communication | Relationships | Future Self Planning

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