Assessments Don’t Define You

I see a lot of people taking personality assessments, then getting boxed in.  “Oh,” people might say, after taking the Enneagram or Myers Briggs (etc.), “I AM x.” They allow the test results to define them. Some even use the results to justify their behavior. “That’s just the way I am!” Assessments are great — […]

Wanna Make 2022 GREAT?

The possibility of making 2022 your *best* year yet starts with your mindset, goals, and action.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Summon the courage to believe that YOU can make great things happen in your life. You hold the power!  Even if you had a rotten childhood. Or you flunked out of […]

Mental Saboteurs Wrecking Your Life?

Your mental saboteurs are not your friends.  Ever heard of the Controller? The Victim? The High Achiever? The Restless? The Stickler? The Pleaser? These saboteurs are negatively hijacking your thinking and actions.  These subconscious aspects of your brain might be telling you to shut up, to stay small, and to play nice so that you’re accepted […]